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The Cloud Security Platform.

The first cloud visibility solution for enterprise security:
 A 360° view of security risks across clouds, containers and workloads.
 No agents. No sidecars.

Complete cloud risk visibility

Wiz builds an up-to-date representation of your cloud setup across network, identity, compute, application, vulnerabilities, and secrets. Everything is in one place, at any scale, for quicker insights and informed decision-making. We do the heavy lifting, you get total visibility.


One solution, not a mashup

Wiz is designed as a cloud native solution that is frictionless across multi-cloud, containers, IaaS, PaaS, and serverless. With a single deployment and a single data layer, Wiz eliminates the need for stitching fragmented tools together.


Manage the risks that matter

Alerts are in abundance, how do you make your team’s time count? Wiz offers a risk-weighted view that enables you to assess vulnerabilities and misconfigurations based on severity, exposure, exploitability, blast radius, and business impact.


Instant root cause

Each risk is enriched with the context and the evidence chain to clarify criticality and root cause. Triage instantly and speed up response without spending hours troubleshooting.


Goodbye agents,
hello coverage.

Agents and sidecars mean overhead and coverage gaps. Wiz is a cloud native solution that utilizes AWS, Azure, GCP and Kubernetes APIs. Its unique approach covers VM workloads, containers, functions, and PaaS to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, network exposure, identities, privilege, and exposed secrets. Turnkey setup, zero friction.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what security professionals say about Wiz.

“I have never gone so fast from “what do you think” to forming a multi-year partnership. It’s lightning speed because I want my team to be a part of this growth journey and we can’t wait to share our success story”

“This is the most passionate I have felt about a cyber security offering in a long time. What I love most about the platform is that it provides a benefit to all three major groups involved in achieving a true SDLC.”

“The visibility that we get with the Wiz Security Graph is unprecedented. With Wiz we got so much more value than we ever expected to find with other cloud security solutions out there.”

“Our team was giving each other high fives on day one of our Wiz PoC. I’ve come across a lot of solutions as a security architect, and this is the best security platform I’ve ever seen”

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