Cloud Security
Done Right

Wiz delivers a contextual risk assessment of your cloud for a dramatic reduction in security alerts, a clear action plan, and cloud protection at scale. It is designed to make the cloud work for security teams.

Detect critical attack vectors

Siloed security tools produce countless signals, making it difficult to distinguish risk from noise without time-intensive manual triage. Wiz provides an unparalleled risk assessment that detects the most critical attack vectors.


Uncover security blind spots

Numerous security solutions and complex deployments lead to security blind spots in the cloud. Wiz takes an agentless full-stack approach, that covers environments of any scale instantly.


Remediate faster

DevOps and the cloud have led to decentralized ownership. Security now lack context and organizations are left exposed for prolonged periods of time. Our solution speeds up remediation with a clear action plan for product owners.


What security professionals say about Wiz

This is the most passionate I have felt about a cyber security offering in along time. What I love most about the platform is that it provides a benefit to all three major groups required to achieve a true SDLC.

We don’t just have a tools problem in the cloud, it’s also the culture and operating platform. Wiz addresses the exact pain points we’ve been feeling.

I am loving Wiz! I had been looking for a tool that can give me visibility into my cloud architecture with a nice UI and without complex JSON queries for a long time.

Are you ready for
cloud security that works?